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07-19-2006, 09:38 PM
What would be an appropriate Civil War Era Christian dinner time prayer??? I need help on this

07-20-2006, 09:46 AM
Certainly many folks today come up with an appropriate Grace extemporaneously, and there's no reason to think it wasn't done in the 19th century as well. Be that as it may, I like two of Robert Burns's prayers, written in the 1700s.

"Grace Before And After Meat

O Lord, when hunger pinches sore,
Do thou stand us in stead,
And send us, from thy bounteous store,
A tup or wether head!
Amen. "

or the Selkirk Grace:

"Some hae meat, and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat and we can eat,
And sae the Lord be thankit. "

This one, often considered a Catholic form:

"Bless us, O Lord,
and these thy gifts,
which we are about to receive
from thy bounty.
Through Christ our Lord.
Amen. "


And this, from an 1857 edition of Harpers

"“0 Lord, we have so much to bless thee for,
we must refer it to eternity, for time is too short:
so bless our food and fellowship for Christ’s sake.”