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The food issued to each soldier was usually pooled together and shared by squads of five or six men. The Confederate army had to find better ways to stretch their rations especially as the war raged on. At the siege of Vicksburg many civilians, and soldiers alike, found sources of food in other locations; rats, cats, dogs and bullfrogs were all sources of food. One soldier commented, “Rat tasted like young squirrel.”

In addition, meals were often made from ingredients that were readily available. These included things such as artificial oysters, rabbit stew, hash, Indian pudding, and cornbread. The following is a list of ingredients necessary for making artificial oysters.

5 Ingredients for Artificial Oysters

1. 2 eggs
2. Three-quarters of a cup of flower
3. A pinch of salt to taste
4. A pinch of pepper to taste
5. Two cups of whole-kernel corn

These ingredients were mixed together, separated into balls, flattened into oyster shapes, and fried on a skillet or canteen half.



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Grind that corn down and it sounds like "hushpuppies".

There was an account by Lt. William Bradford, J.E.B. Stuart's adjutant at 1st Manassas where, famished during the ride to Manassas and out of rations, he cooked himself a bullfrog. He ended up sicker than the proverbial dog. Go figure.


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this actually sounds good