View Full Version : $200. Guitar Repros - maybe some left!!

12-23-2008, 03:36 PM
Per prior discussions, a few of us have cleared out the inventory of the $200. - $250. RP-1 period-style guitars from an importer, Republic Guitars. These guitars are the same pattern (probably the same China maker) As the Fullerton Blackwood which is based on an 1856 guitar, but no inventory left of either it would seem.

But alas, as of this day anyway perhaps there's some of the RP-1's left if this site here is current, grab them while you can and pass on to us if they are really still available for purchase:


Note:These are not museum-quality reproductions but seriously playable new guitars that are closely correct for Civil War period appearance and size, except they come with steel strings and little phillips-head tuner screws that we should replace with gut (or fake-gut) strings and slot-head tuner screws.

Dan Wykes