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07-14-2006, 07:05 AM

I know this event has a ways to go, but this is only the second year, and what better way to help mold an event than to get in on the ground floor?

The Battle of Hanover is scheduled for August 18-20 in the town of Hanover, PA. Yes, there will be a Ball...and a candle-light tour...Yes, Mr and Mrs Lincoln will be there...and so will U.S. Grant, but maybe in the future we can alter things a bit. There will also be JEB Stuart and Judson Killpatrick. We try to support local events and jumped right in last year, and there have been improvements made from that experience.

Last year we were camped on the lawn of a church--this year there is a field and there are plans to move to a larger venue in the future and in 2008 to be a viable adjunct to the Gettysburg event--yet the desire is to remain a small-to-mid-level event in size.

This year the event is the final leg of the Pennsylvania Civil War Trails; the Governor of PA is expected and the Army is sending the Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps.

c/p/h please come and share your knowledge...I might be considered "Mainstream" but I consider myself to be a "mainstream-progressive" (don't you just LOVE labels?) and always strive to improve my impression, as do most of the 1st Maryland Cavalry

There is a combined $600 pot for artillery bounty to be divided equally among all guns (artillery) present on either side.

Anyone interested in participating (and maybe help to make it better in the future) Please contact either me or Bruce Yealy.
Confederates please contact me as Confederate Commander at mdrebcav@peoplepc.com

Federal units please contact Bruce Yealy as Federal Commander(Judson Killpatrick), and event organizer at yealyb@hanoverhospital.org

Still waiting for directions to the field.

07-14-2006, 07:28 AM
Dan: This has a very interesting look, I have not done a Hanover event since the very early 90's. Will you limit the number of cavalry on each side? One a more authentic note, Grant was not in the east June 1863.
Wayne Gregory
Stafford, VA

07-14-2006, 08:43 AM
I know, I did what I could but the "Grant thing" was something I had to swallow for this year. All I can say is...NEXT YEAR. But that's what I really love about this event--it is new and has not taken on it's own personality yet! If we get a good turn out this year and get some positive criticism for improvements--the event can be our oyster!

I have been told that there is enough room for 30 horses on each side--now not having actually been to the ground yet (I was just given the location this week) I will have to rely on Bruce's estimate.

There will be dismounted cavalry as skirmishers (I HATE the reputation that goes with that term--I prefer to call our dismounted company "Skirmish Cavalry")

Our company always endeavors to potray cavalrymen who have dismounted and are engaing as skirmishers...and coordinate with our mounted company...but we still can learn alot from others and seek knowledge whenever and wherever we can find it.

If you are interested let me know and we'll work on the Grant thing for next year. :-)