View Full Version : Carter & Jasper July updates & SALE

07-13-2006, 11:33 AM
Carter & Jasper would like to announce several updates to their inventory and website, as well as a special 2 week sale.

- We've added and continue to add new civilian clothing. Currently in stock are several new civilian shirts, as well as a NJ Sekela made sack coat and civilian trousers (completely lined with blue linen). These are special one of a kinds taken from originals in his collection. Coming into stock soon are red wool flannel over shirts, and I also have one of the California Miner's shirts left in the bright red color with black trim.

- Rubber ground cloths are in stock, and for two weeks only, you can get a plain muslin shirt for $35 with the purchase of a ground cloth!!! These shirts sold fast last time, and are definitely the best available for the money!!

- Confederate testaments are back in stock

- Carter & Jasper is now also carrying shoes, and has a couple pair of pegged bootees left in stock. These are EXCELLENT reproductions and are available during the 2 week sale for $119.00 per pair!

- CS 1st National Flag socks are on sale for $15 per pair

Keep up to date on our upcoming additions of civilian clothing, etc. by fequently checking our site at www.carterandjasper.com

Chris Utley