View Full Version : Southern Legion (8th Bn, ANV) Companies Actively Recruiting

02-16-2006, 03:42 PM
The member companies of the Southern Legion, all of whom hail from the NY/NJ/Eastern PA/DE area, are actively recruiting members who are looking for new vistas to explore.

As members of the ANV, we are covered under their accident/liability insurance, and command a number of events in our theater of operations. We participate in one or two major events each year, cover most of the quality local efforts, as well as provide a number of opportunities for living history and interaction with the public.

There are established safety protocols, drill expectations (right out of hardee's 1862 NC edition), and we support all impressions, including progressive. There's also an active civilian component whose members are actively researching, improving, and extending their knowledge of this era.

And, we pride ourselves on the absence of politics.

So...if you're looking, wondering, or just curious, please stop by our little home on the web, as it were, and take a gander. We'd be pleased if you wandered by and talked with us, and know you're welcome to visit anytime.

Bryan Boyle
The Southern Legion