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07-10-2006, 08:15 AM
Some months ago, there was a discussion on visiting and visiting cards and
I finally finished the article and it is up on the website (www.raggedsoldier.com) in the Virginia's Veranda section. The title is "Visiting and Visiting Cards: Not Just for the Ladies." I hope it answers everyone's questions.

07-11-2006, 11:40 AM
Mrs M,

You are an absolute jewel.

Evelyn Rard

07-20-2006, 06:37 PM
Gadsden Redoubt,
July 20

My Dear Madam,
All gentlemen of good breeding or from good families, including military officers, especially those in the Confederate service should carry their card on their person at all times. My card came to good use last May,when I challanged a Federal Officer to a duel for an atrocity I saw him commit on the field of battle during honorable combat. Obviously he was not a gentleman and without honor, for the blackard refused me in a most cowardly manner. One should also know when a where to present his card in polite society, and while in uniform on active duty. If you wish to comment, or discuss the formalities of this matter further, I may be reached through this wireless telegraph a full8730@bellsouth.net. As always, I remain,
Your most humble and obedient servant,
Kirk Fuller
Captain, Army of Northern Virginia

07-20-2006, 07:44 PM
cool, i think i will carry one to add to my impression when i get started!