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Wild Rover
07-10-2006, 08:03 AM

Fred Ray, author of "Shock Troops of the Confederacy" is attending the Sharpshooter Camp of Instruction hosted by the Princess Anne Grays at Pamplin Park, September 8-10, 2006.

He will be speaking onthe evolution of the battalions and their application on the Civil War Battlefield.

"Shock Troops of the Confederacy" has been described as-

"A most welcome and long overdue study of a neglected subject." - Jeffry Wert, author of The Sword Of Lincoln: The Army of the Potomac.

"Tells The story of the Army of Northern Virginia's sharpshooter battalions here for the first time." - Robert K. Krick, author of the Smoothbore Volley that Doomed the Confederacy.

"Provides our first and most detailed to date look at the development of the concept and practice of Civil War sharpshooting." - William C. Davis, author of Look Away!: A History of the Confederate States of America.

The Camp of Instruction will be centered around the training of Dunlop's Battalion of Sharpshooters, on the actual ground where it occured. In the fall of 1863 the Sharpshooters were pulled off of the line, and given special training which paid huge dividends in the coming campaigns. We will replicate portions of this training including-

- markmanship
-judging distance
-battalion as skirmishers
-grand guard and outpost
-specialized tactics created for these battalions

Many thanks to Mike Hendricks for arranging this program, and we look forward to your attendance.

For more information please go to www.chesapeakevolunteerguard.com and do pre register, as registration is limited to 85 participants