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07-09-2006, 09:21 PM
The following entries were taken from the diary of William R. Carter of the 3rd Va Cav.

Sept 5th 1862: The men supplied themselves here (Poolesville, Md) with boots, hats, & gloves at very low prices, the merchant taking Confederate script without hesitation.

Oct 8th 1862: Remained in camp & drew pay for my company- Co "E"- for March and April.

Nov 18th 1862: At this place (Warrenton, Va) we captured a considerable ammount of sutler goods & some prisoners. Soldiers generally supplied themselves with boots, overshirts, & c.

Dec 28th 1862: The men got a number of overcoats, blankets, buffalo robes, rubber clothes, & commissaries from this camp. ( Over-run Federal camp on the Styles farm in Fairfax, Va)

Jan 3rd 1863: In camp still today. Distributed captured horses, saddles, & arms.

Jan 6th 1863: In camp quiet & shoeing horses.

May 26th 1863: Ten men of the regiment sent, on foot, across the Rappahannock & armed with Austrian rifles to supply themselves with horses from the enemy.

June 29th 1863: The men took hats, boots, shoes, & such as needed. ( Western Maryland R.R. depot.

Sept 25th 1863: Brig. Gen. Wickham furnished me with 100 Richmond made carbines, which I tried and found serviceable except 9. They were issued to companies A, D, I, & E.

Oct 9th 1863: Drew gun slings & muzzle loading guns; also 17 Belgian muskets, from Lt. Minnegeroda today. The guns were distributed to fields squadron & the Belgian muskets to Cap't Mathew's company.

Nov 5th 1863: Several men were very seriously hurt by falling from their horses in the mock charge. ( During review in Brandy Station)

March 17th 1864: Drew 87 Sharps rifles & distributed them in the command.