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10-15-2008, 11:30 PM
I'm not sure what happened, but somewhere between approving your membership and replying to your PM, your membership disappeared. I'm not sure what happened, but gremlins have been sighted in this area recently. :confused:

Please accept my apologies and sign up again, I'll keep a sharp eye out for you and give you the green flag.

The text of my reply, which had nowhere to go, follows.




You're in! Hope you've had a chance to read through the forums and find your way around a bit.

The place to look for used weapons would be in the Military Classified Ads. I don't know what's specifically available at the moment, but if I was you I'd post an ad like

WTB (Want to Buy) Enfield, for reenacting use.

You could tell what part of the country you're in and perhaps a price range you're interested in, depending on condition.

Post an email address or some way to contact you. ( I recommend you post your address without the @ sign so spambots don't glom onto it. i.e. Charlie (at) myemail.com )

If I was you I'd request some photos before you close a deal. And have someone else in the hobby who knows their firearms take a good look at them.

But remember, this is NOT eBay. There are no guarantees here and once your money is sent, you're pretty much at the mercy of the seller. Be clear when you make the deal as to whether you have the right to reject the deal if it arrives and you're not satisfied. Also be clear about who will pay return shipping if that's the case.

Hope that's some help. Most folks here are helpful and honest, but you do have to watch out for the occassional snake, or just a plain old garden variety misunderstanding.

Enjoy the forums, you can learn a lot here. As you learn and study on your own, please share what you're finding with the rest of us, please?



Hi Please let me in!!
I am brand new to reenacting and I need to get a rifle but I can't afford a new one. I bought one of the orig Enfields from IMA-USA but it is way too far gone to use. Have you seen any good deals?
Thanks a bunch,