View Full Version : We can olny pray

07-03-2006, 11:53 AM
The weather at the moment is glorious, warm, sunny, blue skies (I hate the heat) BUT it'll be sods law that it'll rain on the weekend i'm out:cry: , I hope it doesent i'd like to sleep outside under the stars..if not under the clouds because i've never done it, if it does rain however i beleive a nice tent will be welcome!:)

I am greatly looking forward to waking up for the first time outside with the sights and smells that i love (fires outdoors..proper decent one and coffee)

If it rains, I shall feel a tad miserbale but it'll add to the effect plus my equipment will mean much more, like my hat for instance and my haversack etc, being used is better than being displayed in my private musuem (Also a house):D