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08-18-2008, 08:42 AM
Hello All,

I just received a book that I am very excited about! It is about the Battle of Monterey Pass that occurred during the retreat from Gettysburg. I stumbled across the website for the Battle of Monterey Pass, which is an excellent one, providing a ton of information about the battle. The website was created by John Miller, who is the founder of the Monterey Pass Battlefield Association, an organization that is dedicated to the preservation and education of the battle. The book is available through the Monterey Pass website and all of the proceeds go directly toward the installation of an interpretational marker to be placed on the battlefield. According to the book, this battle reserves the honor of being the only battle fought in 4 counties within 2 states! The book can be purchased through the Monterey Pass website at www.emmitsburg.net/montereypass
Anyone who is interested in the retreat from Gettysburg should definitely add this book to their collection!