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  1. Newbie Question--Gettysburg Reenacting
  2. Iowa Unit
  3. Tulsa, OK group
  4. Gettysburg 143rd Looking for a unit to join with
  5. Looking for a Progressive/Campaigner Fed Unit
  6. Any units in or around Nebraska or Iowa
  7. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Units
  8. Texan looking to do a reenactment
  9. Anyone have Info on Louisiana units
  10. Winchester Area
  11. Any mounted or dismounted cav units (CSA) in SE IN. region?
  12. Cavalry units in Louisiana
  13. Western NY Confed units?
  14. Tampa Bay Area
  15. New fish here!
  16. Whats in Louisiana?
  17. SF / Bay area Federal?
  18. Federals Wanted in MD/PA/VA/DC
  19. Cincinnati/Northern KY Units?
  20. Looking for Michigan Group to shoot with
  21. Looking for a group in the mid-west
  22. Newbie Here
  23. Units in sw/mid Kentucky?
  24. Central Illinois
  25. Illinois man who replied to Looking for group in MidWest
  26. Seeking a unit
  27. Unit in Massachusetts
  28. Anyone know of a good south mississippi unit?
  29. Union Artillery
  30. anyone in the 17TH BATTALION MS or 9thMS cavalry?
  31. Looking for a Unit in Northern Michigan
  32. Interested in SE Louisiana Units
  33. campaigner/progressive in NY or NJ
  34. Looking for Lady Deborah
  35. looking for a Confederate Cavalry Unit
  36. 54th Virginia???
  37. 2nd Delaware...
  38. 5th Texas Company F
  39. New to Reenacting and need unit info.
  40. Seeking Unit in Ohio/MI
  41. Dickens Galveston
  42. Newly Formed Skillygalee Mess in Central VA!
  43. Looking for CS Unit
  44. looking in WV/VA/MD
  45. Looking for a unit around the STL
  46. Civilian group in North Carolina
  47. Looking for a progressive cs unit around Chattanoonga Tn
  48. Looking for union unit in New Mexico
  49. Help!!! looking for a federal unit in Michigan.
  50. Colorado units?
  51. Confederate units in West TN
  52. Units in San Diego
  53. 5th NJ?
  54. Union units in Georgia
  55. just wondering?
  56. Illinois boys
  57. UK recruit
  58. Engineering Units
  59. Newbie in NC
  60. North West OHIO
  61. Introduction
  62. Pelican Battery-5th Louisiana Artillery
  63. East Tennessee Groups?
  64. PA Cav groups
  65. Looking to join
  66. Campainers?
  67. california
  68. looking to join
  69. Looking for a VA unit with drummer(s)
  70. Looking for a unit near Tampa Fl
  71. Looking for a unit in SC...
  72. Fresh-fish outside of Memphis
  73. Looking to join Brothers in Arms in Va.
  74. looking for contact info for...
  75. Utah
  76. Question about Chaplaincy?
  77. Recruit for "Down the Valley"
  78. 25th Indiana Co. A
  79. looking for a particular group
  80. unit in south east Indiana- greater cincy area.
  81. Looking for a Union unit - Tampa area
  82. Looking for Confederate Unit - Georgia
  83. Newb in Nashville
  84. Michigan - Upper Peninsula
  85. North-West Ohio and Looking
  86. Kansas units
  87. Any Federal Units in Richmond Area?
  88. CS Unit in Oklahoma City Area?
  89. Looking for a Federal Infantry Unit in the Tulsa, OK area
  90. units in the Ft Worth/Dallas area
  91. Looking for Federal Dismounted Cav. in Ohio
  92. Looking for an IL unit
  93. Progressive Southern Mississippi Units
  94. Looking for a unit in Western KY
  95. Looking for Union Infantry unit in Kentucky
  96. Looking for Civilain group in INDIANA
  97. Looking for a Confederate group in Indiana...
  98. Looking for a Civilian group in or near PA
  99. Units in the UP
  100. Reenacting
  101. LOKING FOR A UNIT NEAR MENTOR, OHIO (North east Ohio)
  102. Looking for Federal Cavalry unit near N. Va.
  103. Looking for a unit to join near San Diego, Calif.
  104. WTJ: Western Michigan
  105. looking
  106. Looking For Confederate Unit outside or near Philly Area!
  107. Looking for Fed unit for Sept Storm.
  108. Relocating to central Illinois and looking for a Federal unit..
  109. Gettysburg PA Reenacting Units
  110. Progressive unit in NE TN and SW VA
  111. Confederate units in PA?
  112. looking for 120th NY
  113. Looking for eastern ohio unit
  114. Eastern Ky Feds???
  115. Irish units in MA...
  116. Western PA groups...Both sides
  117. Union 11th Corps units
  118. Seeking civilian groups or unit in SW Michigan, NW Indiana, and toward Chicago areas
  119. As new as they come (help)
  120. CSA in OK?
  121. Artillery in Hapton Roads (CSA)
  122. Trans Mississippi Brigade
  123. Tulsa, OK area
  124. Canadian Iron Brigade Units
  125. Csa Units In Upstate Sc
  126. Nashville Battery looking for anybody?
  127. Units in Western MA
  128. Central Connecticut Units?
  129. Ladies circles in Massachusetts...
  130. Surgeon in Dept of New Mexico
  131. Looking for a Confed unit to join for At High Tide
  132. looking for a unit
  133. looking to join
  134. 5th in Dutchess
  135. Looking for a new unit
  136. Hatteras,NC
  137. Need a co for Gettysburg
  138. Just moved to MA...
  139. Pittsburgh
  140. Looking for a new unit,Ala,Ga,Tenn or Miss.
  141. Merrill's Horse - 2nd Missouri Volunteer Cavalry
  142. units in Florida
  143. Looking for a Group In NC.
  144. Looking for a unit in Ohio
  145. Looking for a Union Arty Unit in Tennessee
  146. help Needed
  147. Units in Colorado
  148. Alaska!
  149. Beginner looking to join a PA regiment.
  150. Looking for a unit around Terre Haute, IN.
  151. Beginner In Ocala, Florida
  152. Confederate Units in NW PA, NE OH or NW NY
  153. First time to Gettysburg
  154. central VA/mid atlantic CS unit
  155. Looking for a Texas Federal unit
  156. Civilian reenacting - a beginner in Northumberland County, PA
  157. Federal Units in the Chattanooga area
  158. 120th NY
  159. Florida Research Based CS Units ?
  160. Looking for a Unit
  161. Federal unit in Greenville, S.C. area?
  162. North Georgia/Florida unit
  163. CS Infantry Units in Ohio?
  164. New Market - Looking for someone to fall in with
  165. Beginner looking for CS units in Phila area...
  166. Could Someone Help Amtrekker Out?
  167. Good Texas Units
  168. Ride to New Market
  169. Looking for Artillery unit in NC/VA/SC
  170. Looking for a unit in the Atlanta Ga area.
  171. 16th NC Regiment or 6th NC Volunteers, Co N
  172. CS Cav in SE Ohio?
  173. c.s. unit in east tn.
  174. Looking for unit in New York City
  175. Looking for CS Unit in Nor. Cal.
  176. Oklahoma
  177. Michigan
  178. Confed. Unit around Farmville Virginia?
  179. Looking for a Dismounted Cavalry Unit to fall in with at 145th Gettysburg.
  180. Artillery-GAC
  181. Looking for CS unit in Southern California
  182. Units around Pa
  183. Looking for Illinois Federal Units near Chicago
  184. Ky Yankees
  185. New Brigade Forming
  186. Are the 14th or 16th North Carolina Units Represented?
  187. Wanted Recruits -United States Colored Troops
  188. Looking for.....
  189. Looking for Federal Unit in Purcellville Va.
  190. Looking for local unit to join in va...
  191. Looking for a unit attending Fort Tejon
  192. Cavalry Unit in NE Georgia area.
  193. Galena IL
  194. Group in Northern IN
  195. 71st PA/1st CA
  196. Units in Metro Atlanta area?
  197. Federal artillery units attending Gettysburg Rem. Day Parade?
  198. Federal Units @ Cedar Creek?
  199. Want to Join - from Woodbridge, VA
  200. Perryville
  201. This may be pointless, but... San Francisco, CA ?
  202. Looking for Confederate Artillery unit in Ohio
  203. Looking for Eli
  204. Harper's Ferry Area?
  205. Sons of Union Veterans in or around Snyder County, PA?
  206. N.W. 15th Arkansas Vol. Inf.
  207. looking for a unit
  208. Civilian Group In Hampton Roads??
  209. Southern Maryland Area
  210. Looking for a Medical Unit
  211. Anyone in Alaska
  212. Looking for a civilian unit...
  213. Does Co. D, 1st VA Vols (Old Dominion Guard) still exist?
  214. Any units in the Hunterdon county regin NJ
  215. Looking for unit in Hagerstown MD area
  216. Middle Tennessee Units
  217. California Units?
  218. Units in Philadelphia
  219. Northwestern South Carolina
  220. for a friend in Minnesota :)
  221. federal unit for Resaca
  222. Provost Marshalls
  223. Federals in WV's eastern panhandle
  224. Scary Creek/ Hurricane, WV event
  225. Troops Needed For Filming
  226. 35th Virginia Co. A
  227. Confederate Navy ship?
  228. Ohio Valley Civil War Association!
  229. Civilian outfit
  230. Join The Mess!!!!!
  231. Looking for a unit
  232. Looking for a unit in Lynchburg Va. surrounding area?
  233. Looking For a unit In pa
  234. Unit in Washington D.C.
  235. Civilian Women looking for unit
  236. Looking for a Progressive Confederate unit in VA Beach area
  237. Federal Infantry at Brices Crossroads
  238. Looking for Recruits in Illinois, Wisconsin @ Indiana
  239. Looking to Infantry Unit in Dayton/Cincy
  240. Reenactors in SF Bay Area?
  241. Judge Advocate Impression
  242. Anything in Upper Michigan or northern Wisconsin?
  243. Unit in the Madison WI area
  244. Kansas
  245. looking for a unit near nashville
  246. American Combat Soldiers 1775 - 1975
  247. Looking for family unit in Maryland
  248. Please help -Looking for a unit with civilians VA/MD/PA
  249. Looking for a group near Pittsburgh
  250. Unit in Richmond VA Area