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  1. Federal Infantry unit in Northern Illinois
  2. Looking for campaigners!!!!
  3. Nyack, NY (Rockland County) Area
  4. Looking For Union Inf'y
  5. Coming east for an event!
  6. looking for confederate unit in ohio
  7. Looking for the 4th TX
  8. Andersonville ?
  9. 122nd New York Volunteers
  10. Looking for a group of Federals in Alabama
  11. Fed Cav near Kansas City?
  12. infantry unit in middle Tennessee?
  13. in search of...
  14. Surgeon looking to join up with unit
  15. Units in or near N.C.
  16. units near statesville NC
  17. Attending Missionary Ridge
  18. Confederate Infantry in Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois?
  19. what a week
  20. CS/US Units near Atlanta
  21. Nc, fl
  22. Looking for a CS/US unit in Southwestern Ohio
  23. 30th North Carolina Troops is Now Recruiting
  24. Looking for a Zouave unit
  25. Question
  26. Looking to join a signal corps unit
  27. 106th PVI?
  28. looking for progressive units in SE PA
  29. looking for unit in Arizona
  30. Looking for unit/ Federal
  31. CS Units in Oklahoma City area?
  32. Looking for a CS Unit in Tidewater VA
  33. Looking for CS unit
  34. Looking for a unit in Texas...
  35. CS unit near Antietam?
  36. Reb Cavalry
  37. New England area Units
  38. CS Artillery Units In Florida.
  39. Looking to contact a CS unit in So. Indiana
  40. Seeking a CSA infantry unit in Northern Virginia
  41. Looking for Southern Ohio or Northern KY Federal Infantry
  42. Getting back into the hobby (central/southern IL)
  43. Looking for Union Unit in Hampton Roads, Virginia area
  44. Looking for campaigners at 146th New Market
  45. progressive Confederate unit for G'burg.
  46. Navy Landing Party
  47. Looking in SWPA
  48. Looking For Federal Unit in SWPA
  49. Looking around
  50. US Unit for Gettysburg 2010!
  51. Day Tripping Gettysburg
  52. units search
  53. Infantry Unit in Knoxville, Tn
  54. 2nd Rhode Island for the 150th
  55. 61st OVI?
  56. looking for a unit in Chicago
  57. Progressive campaigner unit
  58. Northern Minnesota Federal Units?
  59. Federal Units in Savannah Area
  60. 6th Wisconsin Vols. 148th Gettysburg
  61. I would like to join a unit in Springfield, MO
  62. Authentic unit near Central PA
  63. Federal units in southern california
  64. southern artillery unit-Kentucky
  65. Civilian Unit in the D.C Area
  66. Looking for a Federal unit in Philadelphia-Harrisburg area
  67. Virtual Pennsylvania Reserves
  68. Looking for Middle Tennessee Units!
  69. SE Ohio federal units
  70. Eastern Minnesota/Western Wisconsin units
  71. Looking for SC Artillery unit
  72. CW reenactors in Alaska?
  73. Looking for Inf or Cav. unit near Chambersburg, Pa
  74. Rebel unit in the mid-Michigan area
  75. Rochester Unit
  76. Alaska?
  77. Kanawaha Valley of WV
  78. Info on 2nd Georgia Infantry?
  79. 11th Mississippi, Company A
  80. Artillery Batteries in OH
  81. Looking for groups
  82. Looking for Mounted Team Going to 150th Anniversary Events
  83. Looking for a non Political Correct Unit
  84. looking for a unit of the 52nd Ohio within 1 hour of New Castle Lawrence County PA
  85. Units near Charleston WV?
  86. Lookin to jin up
  87. looking for a confederate unit in or near the hampton roads area(chesapeake, Va)
  88. 48th Tennessee Infantry
  89. Joining
  90. Joining a Unit
  91. an artillery Unit
  92. North Carolina Enlistment?
  93. looking to join a unit
  94. CS Ambulance Corps
  95. Looking for a Reb unit in Northeast Ohio
  96. looking for union unit in western New york
  97. Civilian looking to join a unit
  98. new unit
  99. reply
  100. lLooking to join any Federal unit in Wisconsin or Michigan Upper Peninsula
  101. New Group
  102. Nixons 48th
  103. Never knew picking a unit would be so difficult.
  104. Are you looking to join a unit?
  105. Unable to locate local group? any suggestions?
  106. Would like to find a Confederate unit to join near Huntington WV
  107. Looking for a "Western" state regiment in Washington DC Area.
  108. Looking for a unit in or near Delaware
  109. Looking for Artillery unit near Connecticut
  110. Looking for Artillery unit near Connecticut
  111. Looking for an Artillery Unit in SW Ohio
  112. Union Infantry Unit around Cincinnati?
  113. 155th PVI Pearson's Zouaves
  114. Sharpshooter unit in Ct. area
  115. Looking for a unit in the Chicago area!
  116. Any unit taking part in Dedication day Nov 19th
  117. Any mounted Cavalry units in Kentucky
  118. seeking CSA units in east TN
  119. Any units in Tri-State of Ohio, WV, and KY?
  120. Progressive Infantry Units in Eastern Arkansas/SE Missouri
  121. Seeking a Southern Artillery Unit in South Central Pa
  122. Texas Reenactor looking to join Confederate Unit in Nebraska (if it exists :)
  123. looking for a us infantry unit to join with in Ohio
  124. Looking for a Federal Unit in the D.C Area
  125. Artillery or Infantry?
  126. looking for confederate civilian group in new jeresy
  127. Veterinarian and family in Maryland looking to join unit
  128. reenactment groups in north east indiana
  129. Reenactor for 20 years looking for a new unit
  130. Central Arkansas
  131. Getting into Reenactment in Mobile, Alabama - Information?
  132. looling for troopers in the savnnah area
  133. Looking for a unit in middle Tn
  134. Looking for unit in NC
  135. How is a lady (and her son) to join a reenactors group?
  136. Rochester, NY Federal Unit
  137. wanting to jone a unit
  138. Looking for unit in the Gettysburg Pa area.
  139. Looking For a Unit
  140. Looking for Dismounted Cavalry unit in Carlisle/Gettysburg area
  141. New to Chicago looking for a home...
  142. looking to join a group in pennsylvania
  143. Looking for a Unit
  144. looking to join a confederate unit
  145. CW Reenacting in the Great Plains?
  146. Looking for Unit in Kansas
  147. Willing to travel! Looking for hardcore progressive Confederate mess or unit
  148. Mosby and the 43rd Batt.
  149. Mexican War Units
  150. Lookin for a Cav Unit
  151. female cannoneer looking for new battery
  152. Anybody doing 27th Indiana?
  153. Union newbie looking for a New york regiment
  154. Anchorage, Alaska
  155. Union outfit in southern California?
  156. Gettysburg Resident Looking for Local Union Regiment
  157. Attending New Market
  158. Carnegie, Pa
  159. Looking for units in Arkansas that does living history, and semi or immersion events.
  160. Looking for a csa unit to join near huntington, west virginia
  161. any regiments near south florida mainly confederate?
  162. Richmond, VA Area looking for a confederate infantry unit
  163. Ride Share Florida to Antietam
  164. looking for a unit in northern illinois
  165. Looking for units in Southern or Central Arkansas, North Texas, or North Louisiana
  166. Looking for a Northern Unit in Northern Virginia
  167. Reb in Maine
  168. looking for light artillery unit in colorado
  169. Looking for a unit in SW VA/WV
  170. Looking for Pennsylvania cavalry units
  171. Looking for Family-Friendly Union Reenactment Unit
  172. Looking for US or CS units in Northern Arkansas Southern Missouri
  173. Union Units in the Frederick, MD Area
  174. Doc looking for unit in Eastern Va.
  175. Looking for PA Unit ( or close to PA) interest in drumming
  176. Any units in Washington State?
  177. Unit in Arizona Needs more reenactors!
  178. Looing for progressive unit around Ft leonardwood
  179. Looking for a SCVI unit at Second Manassas (Cedar Creek), Longstreet's Corps
  180. Seeking Progressive Unit for 150th Anniversary of Chickamauga 2013.
  181. seeking a confederate
  182. Looking for a Unit for 2nd Manassas
  183. Who were those guys?
  184. Looking for a Mid-Northern Maryland Civilian Unit
  185. Seeking Progressive Unit for 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg 2013.
  186. Seeking a unit (conf.) to join for the 150th of Gettysbury (GAC).
  187. Near Mountain city Tennessee
  188. Any units in or around northern michigan?
  189. Unit Near Nashville Tn.
  190. Any units around north-western pennsylvania
  191. Federal Dismounted Cavalry in Virginia
  192. Relocated and looking for new unit/group
  193. Seeking a confederate
  194. Central PA family seeking LH group to join
  195. Northeast Pa looking to join Unit..
  196. Any good CSA units in Ny/Nj area
  197. Looking to join a Confederate Navy unit in NJ, PA, or MD
  198. Union Artillery Unit for BAG Gettysburg
  199. BGA Gettysburg Cavalry
  200. Northern California
  201. 5th TN Co. E CSA/17th KY Co. E US Recruiting
  202. Any TX units?
  203. Anybody to adopt me?
  204. Looking for
  205. Looking for a Hardcore Unit to join in Arkansas
  206. Ohio units
  207. New To Reenacting And looking For A Group In Richmond, Va
  208. Looking to join
  209. Looking for a Confederate group in Ohio
  210. Looking for a Confederate Unit in West Virginia?
  211. Looking for a Confederate and/or Union unit in the Cincinnati ( tristate) area
  212. ANV battery near Winchester VA.
  213. Wanted Recruits for TN Cavalry
  214. Local groups in my area? (NE Ohio?)
  215. Looking to be recruited for Confederate unit around Philadelphia Pa area
  216. Looking for a confederate
  217. Wabash Valley Indiana, Looking to join Confederate Infantry
  218. CSN Mississippi units?
  219. Looking for a Confederate Unit around Ft Campbell
  220. Looking to join a union unit, Cavalry if possible in MD or PA.
  221. Looking for a Cavalry Unit in Frederick County MD!
  222. Looking to join Union/Confederate unit in Southern PA/ Northern MD area.
  223. Looking to join Authentic unit in Indiana
  224. Looking for someone in the Savannah/middle Georgia area going to the 150th Gettysburg
  225. Looking for Union Infantry attending BGA Gettysburg
  226. Looking to Join a Confederate Unit in Central New Jersey
  227. Looking for a Mobile Al unit for BGA Gettysburg for friends.
  228. Looking for confederate unit in southwestern OH area
  229. wanting to join a Confederate unit in the eastern WV panhandle or northern Virginia
  230. 15th TX Gettysburg?
  231. Seeking ACW group in NJ or eastern PA
  232. Looking for Confederate Artillery Group in SE TEXAS
  233. Looking to join a Confederate Unit in the South Central PA area
  234. Female looking for part
  235. Looking For Confederate group in Ohio
  236. Looking for an infantry group around Montclair, NJ
  237. Looking for group in N.Va Stafford
  238. Jewish Reenactors sought for Gettysburg
  239. 15th Texas dismounted
  240. Looking for a Union group accepting recruits from NE ohio and Northern PA
  241. Virginia Beach/Norfolk area reenactors?
  242. 1st MD CSA no longer around?
  243. Federal Unit in the D.C. Metro Area?
  244. Looking for a Progressive/Hardcore unit in Wisconsin or Illinois
  245. Funkstown Reenactment
  246. Looking for a unit in ohio
  247. Looking to fall in with N.W. Georgia Confederate unit for Chickamauga
  248. Looking to fall in with N.W. Georgia Confederate unit for Chickamauga
  249. Looking to join confederate unit in north eastern Indiana.
  250. Looking for a unit to fall in with for Wapping's Heights/Battle of Luray in September