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  1. Looking for recruits in the Chickamauga vicinity
  2. 1st Maryland Cavalry Battalion, CSA
  3. 4th Kentucky CSA - W. KY & S. IN
  4. Hildebrand's Raiders Confederate Cavalry
  5. 12th Virginia Cavalry, Co. "B"
  6. 53rd PA Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K
  7. Federal Cavalry
  8. The Spalding Grays
  9. 6th Indiana in So. Central Indiana
  10. Looking for reenactors to interview for college paper...
  11. 10th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry
  12. Stonewall Brigade
  13. 1st Tenn. CMF.
  14. 12th New Jersey, Co. K
  15. 8th O.V.I. Recruiting
  16. 18th VA Co. B. Danville, VA
  17. 2nd Maryland, Co. H
  18. Co K 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (South Central PA)
  19. US Naval Landing Party, Midwest Squadron
  20. Oklahoma area cavalrymen
  21. Southern Legion (8th Bn, ANV) Companies Actively Recruiting
  22. Texas Infantry
  23. 5th Va. Co.D Southern Guard (of New England)
  24. Western New York Dismounted Cavalry Unit
  25. 4th Texas Co. E
  26. Looking for recruits
  27. New Jersey Pennsylvania Reenactors wanted
  28. Hard Case Boys looking for Authentic Reenactors!
  29. 9th Va Long Island NY Confederate unit
  30. North State Rifles: North Carolina Confederates
  31. 6th Alabama Company E. looking for recruits
  32. 69th North Carolina Infantry Recruiting
  33. 27th Regt New Jersey Vols. Co F
  34. Kane's Rifle Regiment, Company H - Kennett Rifles
  35. 141st Pennsylvania VOl Infantry
  36. Join the Washington Light Infantry!!!
  37. Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic
  38. Join the 4th Texas Company B Infantry
  39. The Alamo Rifles Recruiting Station
  40. 83rd PVI Company I from Erie PA looking for members.
  41. Co. B, 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers
  42. Join the Cavalry, The 8th Illinois is looking
  43. 3rd Tn Cavalry Northern in Illinois is actively RECRUITING
  44. Terry's Texas Rangers
  45. 12th Virginia Cavalry, Co. "B"
  46. 1st Maryland Cavalry Battalion, CSA
  47. Troopers Wanted......
  48. River Rat Mess in CT
  49. Co. H, 2nd Maryland Infantry
  50. 37th Ga Co.i
  51. 1st MD Infantry US recruiting
  52. Alabama Zouves
  53. 7th New York Cavalry
  54. The 95th PA, gosline's zouaves
  55. The Sappers
  56. 7th Tenn. Co. B
  57. 141st PA InFANTRY
  58. Medical Cadet Corp, West Point
  59. The 20th Connecticut Infantry Looking For Recruits
  60. Robinson's Battery-Now recruiting
  61. Trans-Mississippi Soldiers Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana
  62. 8th TN Infantry US
  63. The Union Rifles
  64. 57th North Carolina
  65. The Calico Boys
  66. Michigan! 26th Michigan, & Civilians Wanted, 2nd Corps, 1st Div.
  67. Provost Marshal, First Federal Division
  68. Co I, 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
  69. 69th North Carolina Infantry Recruiting
  70. 10th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
  71. 9th Va. Inf. "Chesterfield Yellow Jackets"
  72. Tar Water Mess
  73. 44th Georgia in North Western Jersey
  74. To Arms!
  75. Co. B, 149th NYSV - "The Salt Point Rangers"
  76. Medical Cadet Corps
  77. Looking for Cavalry reenactors Illinois
  78. 141st P.V.I
  79. Chesapeake Volunteer Guard
  80. Twelfth Georgia Co. C
  81. Men of the Union
  82. Federals in East Tennessee wanted!
  83. Maine Confederates - 29th Georgia Infantry Regiment
  84. From Western NY? 49th NYVI co. B could be what you are looking for.
  85. Staff Impressions
  86. Looking for Recruits!!!!!!
  87. Waynesboro, GA Living History Presentation December 9, 2006
  88. AVC needs recruits
  89. Co. B. 4th ALabama, ACV
  90. Thomas Legion Is Recruitng
  91. mississippi reenactors
  92. Newly Formed Skillygalee Mess in Central VA!
  93. Ft. McHenry Guard Field Music
  94. Black Union soldiers
  95. Serve the union, join the M. Cadet Corps
  96. Lyons Battery-Kentucky
  97. Pennsylvania Reserve Division
  98. Bully 17th Michigan!
  99. Come join the Ohio Valley Civil War Assoc.!
  100. 33rd Virginia Infantry Company C Now Recruiting
  101. Western New York Dismounted Cavalry Unit
  102. Men of Connecticut
  103. 4Th Alabama Inf. Co. B
  104. 69th NC Infantry
  105. the 57th North Carolina, fighting the Yankee invasion since 1862
  106. 63d Tenn Vol Infantry
  107. Acomplished Drummer Needed
  108. 1st CWT Needs you in our Ranks
  109. 15th NW Ark Looking for Men to fill ranks at Shiloh 2007
  110. First Maryland Needs Volunteers
  111. Louisiana Infantry campaigners
  112. 17th Michigan Co. E-Southeastern Michigan
  113. Call to Arms , The Susquehanna Mess
  114. Chesapeake Volunteer Guard
  115. 7th West Virginia Co.B
  116. Union Loyalists rise up in East Tennessee!
  117. Kentucky Unit Looking for new members.
  118. To Arms!! To Arms!!, To the Men of Indiana, (Or Ky, Ill, Tn.)
  119. Independent Re-enactor for hire!
  120. 51st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. B.,Inc.
  121. 164th NY
  122. Join the 1st Maryland U.S. Volunteer Infantry
  123. Kalamazoo, MI area
  125. Central Pennsylvania unit looking for recruits!
  126. 141st PA VOL INFANTRY
  127. Want to become a re-enactor???
  128. Find your ancestors with our help. The Sons of Confederate Veterans-Buffalo Guards
  129. Irishmen of New England, To Arms!
  130. Pennsylvania Reserve Battalion Seeking Individuals/Units
  131. Jine The Cavalry??? Northern Ill.
  132. ***Mounted Troopers Wanted!***
  133. 2nd Delaware looking for Volunteers!
  134. Cox's Wildcats
  135. Irishmen of the Confederacy, You are needed
  136. Men of Georgia Call to Arms
  137. Mounted Cavalry in Canada
  138. Connecticut or Southern New England Men To Arms
  139. 35TH Tenessee Infantry Needing Soldiers
  140. Fifth NEW YORK ZOUAVES - Duryee's
  141. members needed
  142. 164th NY Corcorans Irish Zouaves
  143. Forrest's Escort
  144. Paid film work in Virginia!!!
  145. Stonewall Brigade
  146. Pelican Battery-5th Louisiana Artillery
  147. Fourth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company E.
  148. 69th North Carolina Infantry
  149. NE Ohio Confederates
  150. 147th PVI Company G
  151. Men of the Union from New England Join Up
  152. Horse Drawn Artillery
  153. 125th NYSVI - Capital Region of NYS
  154. 149th NYSV "The Salt Point Rangers"
  155. 9th NYVC LOOKING!!
  156. To Arms Virginia!
  157. New Pioneering Unit
  158. CVG Web site updates
  159. Need recruits in SC, NC, GA, and East TN
  160. 26th NC Re-Activated Recruiting
  161. Jacksonville Florida unit looking for new recruits
  162. New Battery forming
  163. 15th N.W. Ark/81st Il.
  164. A Call to Arms for West Tennessee
  165. The CVG Field Hospital seeks volunteers!
  166. "What a Medical Mess" . . .
  167. Attention Musicians in PA
  168. 3rd Tenn Cavalry In Northern Illinois seeking Recruits
  169. Michigan Cavalry Brigade
  170. "Jine" the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry Co. D
  171. Needing help in IL
  172. 141st PA Vol Infantry Now Recruiting
  173. Infantry, Artillery, Civilian, in Kentucky
  174. 8th-16th Tennessee Infantry Regiments
  175. 69th North Carolina Infantry
  176. Ohio Valley Confederate Unit
  177. Thomas'Legion Artillery Division
  178. I need a servant.
  179. 33rd Alabama Infantry Company E
  180. I need a Governor Pickens!!
  181. 6th Indiana recruiting
  182. Hildebrand's Raiders CSA Cavalry
  183. 25th Indiana Co. A
  184. 26th NCT Recruiting
  185. Twenty First Georgia Co. I
  186. Need An Abe Lincoln In Texas For Photo
  187. 1st NC Cav. Looking for members
  188. 19th United States Regulars
  189. Hardcore Lousiana outfit
  190. Jine the Signal Corps!!!!
  191. Men of New England
  192. Superior Rifles - Upper Michigan's Volunteers
  193. 1st OVC
  194. 4th Alabama
  195. Men of Tennessee to the rescue!!!
  196. Medical Men Wanted 45th Illinois-5th Georgia
  197. 69th North Carolina Infantry
  198. Looking for Charleston units
  199. Strasburg, VA 7/27-29/07
  200. PRVC Battalion looking for intersted units
  201. Western New York Dismounted Cavalry Unit
  202. Co. H 34th North Carolina
  203. CSA Hampton Roads VA
  204. Illinois Confederate Cavalry Northen Ill
  205. The First Battalion ANV
  206. 25th Indiana Co. A
  207. 2nd US Cavalry -- Southeastern Wisconsin
  208. We are the O.V.C.W.A.
  209. September Storm
  210. 7thNJ CO A (in NJ)
  211. 4th Ohio Co.E
  212. Chasseurs de Chalmette
  213. 64th NYSM
  214. 22nd. North Carolina is looking for some soldiers
  215. 20th South Carolina Regiment CO H is looking for recruits
  216. 97th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. A (garrisoned in central Florida)
  217. Please include your state/area in your ad
  218. Arty, Cav, Infantry, Civilian, Music, Medical In Nj!
  219. 58th Alabama Inf. Co F. Is Recruiting.
  220. Union Loyalist Recruits come to arms!
  221. 12th New Jersey Co. K
  222. Looking for Feds in N. and Central Texas
  223. 12th Texas Cavalry (Central Texas)
  224. New England: 28th Massachusetts
  225. The Alamo Rifles
  226. 4th Alabama Cav in NE Ohio
  227. Men of New England 20th Connecticut is Looking for You
  228. 69th North Carolina Infantry
  229. 1st Maryland Light Artillery, Battery A, U.S. (out of Gilbert, Arizona)
  230. 42nd Mississippi Co. F
  231. 7th Cavalry, I company (all areas)
  232. NW 15th Arkansas/81st Illinois based in Illinois
  233. The Bully Boys need You!
  234. Western New York Dismounted Cavalry Unit
  235. I Want You For The Us Regulars!!!!!
  236. Co K, 4th US Infantry - Ft. Tejon
  237. The Salt River Rifles - GA, AL, TN, SC, FL
  238. 100th NYSV
  239. Join Company C of the CVG!
  240. 37th North Carolina Company B
  241. 147th PVI Company G (Central PA)
  242. 2nd Va. Cavalry, Co. D
  243. 3rd Virginia (Hampton Roads)
  245. The 64th NYSV, The Susquehanna Mess
  246. 5th NY Cavalry, Company E
  247. 8th Alabama Company I
  248. 1st Maryland Light Artillery, Battery A, U.S. (out of Phoenix, AZ)
  249. cavalrymen wanted.