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  1. Freeman's Battery
  2. Cavalry Unit Forming in Central Virginia
  3. Rally! Boys, Rally!! 6th Wisconsin Co. K Iron Brigade!
  4. Orleans Guard Battalion - 150th Shiloh (AoT)
  5. looking for Federal Artiiley Unit in Southwetern PA
  6. Recruiting Federal troops in Mid-South AR-West TN-SE MO area
  7. Killbuck Mess Now Recruting: Ohio, Western Pa, W.Va
  8. Never knew picking a unit would be so difficult
  9. 8th Georgia Co. A "Rome Light Guards"
  10. Dismounted wanted in NC/TN/SC/VA area.
  11. 8th-16th Tennessee Infantry
  12. Last call : Baker's California Regiment at Ball's Bluff
  13. Need a Confederate unit to take the field with at Balls Bluff
  14. Unattached Confederates at Ft. Sanders, Oct. 7-9
  15. 9th Ky Vols. Infty. (US)
  16. 11th US Infantry Recruiting (Oh, MI, IN)
  17. Franklin, TN October 14-16 Reenactment
  18. Western NY Recruiting Engineers for US Regulars
  19. 124th New York State Volunteers Co. B (Located near Richmond, Virginia)
  20. 6th Wisconsin Co. K Iron Brigade
  21. Serve aboard the last surviving Civil War Warship - USS Constellation
  22. Co Cee....
  23. 6th Ky. Co. C./ 13th Ky. Co. D. (located mainly in Ky) looking for recruits from....
  24. Calling Federal Cavalry for Perryville
  25. Horse Drawn Artillery
  26. Texas Infantry
  27. Looking for new recruits to join the 7th N.C. State Troops
  28. Check out the new 24th mo infantry website!!!
  29. 40th Illinois Volunteer Infantry at Shiloh (Aot)
  30. SCAR 2012 Event Schedule
  31. 7th Tenn. Co. M in NE Ohio looking for recruits
  32. We're Raising a Company of Federals for McDowell: the Color Company
  33. 2d Connecticut VHA, Co. I Woodbury, CT.
  34. WANTED for Lee Takes Command
  35. Co I 11th PVI Washington State
  36. 1st North Carolina Cav/12th Missouri Cavalry Seeking horsemen
  37. South West Cavalry Brigade
  38. We're raising a company of "Suckers" for Shiloh
  39. Shiloh Hoosier Company recruiting for WFB
  40. 6th Kentucky Co. D Infantry looking for recruits for 2012 season
  41. 2012 12th NJ Winter Meeting
  42. Kentucky Needs You! Men of Courage Join Up!
  43. Recruiting in Northern Nevada/Northern California ALL Impressions
  44. 1st TN heavy Artillery, West TN
  45. 3rd Regiment, USV
  46. Raising Federal Company
  47. S.W.Cav Brig seekign recruits
  48. Pennsylvania Keystone Regiment needs recruits
  49. Berdan's Sharpshooters need recruits. Central/Western PA area.
  50. Looking for wagons
  51. WFB @ Shiloh 150th (BGA)
  52. Recruting midwest memebers - 125th OVI!
  53. looking to start a new company of mounted cavalry in southeast georgia
  54. 4th VA, Company A, Stonewall Brigade Seeking Volunteers!!!
  55. 14th North Carolina Co. I recruiting
  56. Georgia Sharpshooters Wanted!
  57. help defend the Nebraska Territory
  58. Join the Hawkins' Zouaves
  59. Rochester, NY - 140th NYVI looking for men willing to defend the Union
  60. A Call To Arms
  61. Looking for Zouave reenacting units website links
  62. US Engineers (Regular) Looking for loyal men to serve the Union
  63. To Arms! 42nd Mississippi Co. I
  64. Cannoneers and Bugler needed for Shiloh
  65. Berdan's Sharpshooters needs recruits. based in Central Penna.
  66. Hoosier Company recruiting for WFB Shiloh (BGA) effort
  67. 26th North Carolina
  68. jine up and burn some powder with us !
  69. Join the 1st Tennessee Infantry Company B
  70. Looking for a Federal company at "Lee Takes Command?"
  71. Authentic/Progressive Confederate Unit. The Gilmer Rifles
  72. !8th Virginia Vol Cav
  73. ATTENTION: New Recruits for the Washington Guards
  74. 9th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, Company F, in the greater Kansas City area.
  75. 72nd PA, Co. K looking for recruits
  76. Forming a new medical unit in Arkansas
  77. 8th Illinois Cavalry in Northern Illinois
  78. NEEDED - Western Federal Troopers
  79. Mounted Artillery in Missouri
  80. GAR Hall Performance, Chicago
  81. Any union reenactor units close to savannah ga
  82. New Stonewall Brigade Home Page!!!!
  83. Iron Brigade unit near Indiana/Kentucky?
  84. Fife players needed in Eastern NC area
  85. CS unit in Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa looking for volunteers.
  86. Join Mess No. 1
  87. Federal reenactors in South Mississippi
  88. A few good men for the Union in Anchorage, AK
  89. Always on the lookout...
  90. 11th Virginia Co. G "The Lynchburg Home Guard"
  91. Join the 1st. Ark mounted rifles co. C. Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( c.s.a)
  92. Northern Illinois Group looking for recruits
  93. St Louis 11th Miss Heading to Sharpsburg
  94. Seeking Volunteers for the B&O Railroad Museum: Ellicott City Station
  95. Re Have Drum, need Drummer & Cannoneers for Battery
  96. 4th Virginia, Company A, Stonewall Brigade
  97. Fourth Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
  98. Lower Baldwin Civil War Discussion Group (Baldwin County, AL)
  99. Union Infantry in the Missouri Ozarks
  100. 2nd Wisconsin volunteer infantry
  101. 14th North Carolina Lexington Wildcats company I
  102. Co. A US Engineers is Recruiting
  103. Located in Alabama: 15th Confederate Cavalry Baldwin Rangers Co. C
  104. Need recruits
  105. 3rd Tennessee Cavalry Co B needs TROOPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. 124th New York State Volunteers now recruiting (Richmond VA)
  107. 19th century civilian life
  108. Central PA. 110th PVI looking for recruits
  109. Calling all Volunteers in the State of Montana
  110. 14th Brooklyn N.Y.S.M. - NY,PA,NJ,VA,MD and MORE
  111. 93rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry/ South Central PA
  112. Living Historians wanted
  113. 146th New York Volunteer Infantry, RECRUITING NOW!!!
  114. 12th New Jersey, Co. K "Jerseymen to the rescue"
  115. 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co,E. Ohio Area
  116. 3rd brigade AOS
  117. 3rd Missouri (USV) for Arkansas Post
  118. 3rd Tennessee Cavalry Company B MOUNTED/DISMOUNTED
  119. US Engineer Bn. is recruiting in Western NY
  120. Join the artillery +++no marching! +++northern virginia based u.s artillery.
  121. Newly Forming Unit In Iredell County NC
  122. Arkansas Reenactors needed!!! 9th Wisconsin Co B. / 9th Arkansas Co. A.
  123. State of Montana calling upon all Able Bodied Men to help preserve the Union!
  125. Geo. Division Medical Staff
  126. Federal Reenacting Group in Northern Nevada
  127. 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Co,E. (Iron Brigade) Ohio area
  128. 143rd PA Vol Inf, Co. A - Northeastern Pennsylvania
  129. US Navy Units
  130. Photos from 150th Prairie Grove, AR
  131. Longstreet's Corps at Chickamauga
  132. Recruits wanted!
  133. US Engineer Bn. is recruiting in Western NY
  134. 8th-16th Tennessee Infantry
  135. 4th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
  136. Western Federal Blues at Gettysburg and Chickamauga
  137. Men of New England, to Arms: Enlist in the 28th Massachusetts Irish Volunteers
  138. 33rd Virginia "Emerald Guards" recruiting in Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern Pa.
  139. New York Independet Cpaigner Battalion
  140. 6th Wisconsin Co. K Iron Brigade
  141. 1st Tennessee Company H recruiting in NE Ohio and PA
  142. Progressive Federal Cavalry at BGA Gettysburg
  143. ONV Point of Contact for 2013
  144. Federal Co. B at Gettysburg
  145. 3rd Regiment USV, for BGA Gettysburg
  146. Mifflin Guard at Cedar Creek
  147. Tallahatchie Rifle Guards-MS & TN
  148. Stonewall Brigade Seeking Volunteers!
  149. 21st Arkansas Looking for Recruits!!
  150. Looking for Unit
  151. 1st NJ Light Artillery is looking for recruits
  152. Old Northwest Volunteers - Progressive & Research Based Men Wanted to Join Our Rank
  153. Aide De Camp Needed for BGA Gettysburg 3rd Division
  154. 3rd USV for Chancellorsville 150th
  155. A call to Arms!
  156. 1st NC Fife and Drum Corp seeking recruits
  157. CSN Detachment forming in Central Mississippi area
  158. USS Constellation recruiting
  159. 14th Brooklyn N.Y.S.M Company E - Recruiting!
  160. CVG Recruiting for BGA Gettysburg
  161. 6th Wisconsin Iron Brigade Co. K
  162. 2nd USSS Co C.
  163. Irish Brigade for BGA Gettysburg
  164. New SC Mess Governor Guards
  165. Civil War Outpost Director needed at Lenhok'sin High Adventure Camp this Summer!
  166. New SCAR Website
  167. The Second Connecticut Reenactment Group, Western & Central Connecticut
  168. Sailors needed to form a landing party (Southern California)
  169. 146th New York State Volunteers Company B. (Zoouaves) Ohio and Western Pennsylvania
  170. Progressive 2nd United States Sharpshooters - Company A
  171. 8th Wis Co C
  172. 26th United States Colored Troops Upstate New York
  173. 54th PVI Co. A
  174. Repeating Rifles Wanted!
  175. Progressive CS company for the 150th of Bermuda Hundred
  176. 73rd New York, Second Fire Zouaves, for 150th BGA Gettysburg
  177. Join the 5 U.S. Artillery, Northern Virginia
  178. Join the Department of the Pacific, Federal Battalion (Northern Nevada & California)
  179. Trans-Mississippi Fife and Drum Corps
  180. Artillery reenactors needed for Fort Pocahontas May 18&19 2013 Charles City, Virginia
  181. 8th New Jersey Volunteers
  182. Hexamer's Battery Looking for recruits
  183. 33rd Virginia Company E "Emerald Guards" recruiting in Northern Ohio and Western PA
  184. 2nd USSS Co C Looking for recruits.
  185. 3rd United States Volunteer Infantry, Company I now recruiting!
  186. Like Mess No. 1 on Facebook
  187. Looking to start a Confederate Cavalry unit in Central Indiana - guaging interest.
  188. Need Help for ideas in Recruiting
  189. Wise's Legion
  190. Gulf Coast Battalion
  191. WFB 100 Man Company at 150th Getysburg BGA
  192. Finding a good unit for Gettysburg (GAC)?
  193. WFB Battalion Being Formed for 150th Chickamauga
  194. Looking for Irish Unit in New York
  195. Governor Guards
  196. 33rd Va seeks recruits
  197. Recruiting
  198. 2nd Kentucky Infantry Regiment CSA (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio)
  199. Governor Guards seeking progressive minded men for the 150th Fort Sanders Adjunct
  200. WANTED! Men for the 22nd North Carolina Troops!!
  201. Recruiting a New Company
  203. The 4th North Carolina Cavalry
  204. 3rd United States Volunteer Infantry, Company I now recruiting!
  205. looking for reenactment groups charleston sc
  206. Governor Guards
  207. 14th Kentucky Recruitment for 2015 Battle of Middle Creek KY.
  208. Federal Unit forming, Rochester, NY area. Venture Crew 18
  209. The Peninsular Guard (Ontario, Canada)
  210. Sharpshooters Wanted
  211. Co. B 1st South Carolina Reserves (South Carolina)
  212. Looking for new members 88th NYSV Co. B 2nd Reg. Irish Brigade AFB
  213. Artillery men in Ky.
  214. 1st USSS Co. F/8th Alabama Co. I
  215. Union Recruits Wanted
  216. Men of The North!!! The "Orange Blossoms" are Recruiting in NY/NJ/CT
  217. 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry/59th Regiment Volunteers Co D "Pequea Dragoons"
  218. The 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Co D from Lancaster and Chester County Pennsylvania.
  219. Recruiting Company Officer for Fulltime Federal unit in SC
  220. 33rd Virginia Company E "Emerald Guards" (NE Ohio-NW Pa)
  221. THEM! Authentic/Progessive Reenacting in the Pacific Northwest - OR, WA, ID, BC
  222. Starting a new unit?
  223. Cavalry Unit Northern Illinois
  224. 4th Virginia Co L. Army of the Shenendoah
  225. looking for a CSA unit based in
  226. Looking for anyone intersted in 15th Alabama
  227. Recruiting Skirmishers in California
  228. 114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company E. "Collin' Zouaves" Noth Central Ohio
  229. 35th Alabama Infantry, Co E (North AL & Middle TN)
  230. Thomas's Legion Cavalry unit
  231. 12th New Jersey Meeting
  232. 12th South Carolina Co. I "Lancaster Hornets" (Michigan)
  233. Governor Guards seeking new recruits in SC
  234. 150th Anniversary - Battle of New Market VMI Cadet Battalion
  235. The Elk River Rifles
  236. Army of the Potomac
  237. Raising A Company for the 150 Wilderness / Spotsylvania Courthouse
  238. Looking for new members 81st PA - Northeast PA
  239. 2014 ONV Point of Contact & Steering Committee
  240. 51st Tennessee infantry regiment provost company
  241. 19th Alabama (Australia) seeking new members
  242. The Return of the 1st United States Volunteer Infantry-Galvanized Yankees
  243. Co. I. 22nd Tennessee Cavalry Looking For Volunteers
  244. The Old North State Fife and Drum Corp
  245. 35th Alabama Infantry, Co E (Huntsville, Alabama)
  246. 27th Regiment of New Jersey Looking For New Members in NJ, PA, and NY Area
  247. 1st US Sharpshooters, Company H looking for recruits
  248. 63rd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry is calling
  249. Question on recruiting via social media
  250. 12th New Jersey Vols. Co. K