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  1. 6th Kentucky Infantry, Co. C, CSA (Orphan Brigade)
  2. 5th Kentucky "Eastern 5th"
  3. 9th Kentucky Co. C (Michigan & Surrounding)
  4. 50th Virginia at Conner Prairie
  5. Sharp Shooters at Burton, Ohio
  6. U.S. Marine Detachment, Philadelphia Barracks, 1859 - 1865
  7. Units in the West Nyack/Nanuet, NY Area
  8. Central PA Confederates
  9. Join the 35th ohio!!
  10. Kentucky-Reenactors
  11. Join the Smith's 4th Tennessee Cavalry!
  12. NY NJ Confederate, "Southern Independent Rifles"
  13. The Legend of Jim Berry
  14. Mahones Brigade Reformed Tidewater Area
  15. Federals For Hope's Campaign 2009
  16. Dismounted in western NC
  17. the ole 97th
  18. Join the Confederate Army in KY!
  19. THE 7TH LOUISIANA INFANTRY- "B" Co. /10th Battalion
  20. PA Confederates
  21. Starting A Unit
  22. 12th New Jersey Infantry, Co. K
  23. 8th Georgia Co. A
  24. Confederate Unit in No. VA, MD, DC
  25. 10th Kentucky Voluteer Infantry
  26. Stanford's Mississippi Horse Drawn Battery
  27. The Salt River Rifles - GA, AL, TN, FL
  28. The Salt River Rifles - GA, AL, TN, FL (Version 2)
  29. Independent Rifles
  30. The Bully Boys Mess
  31. 138th PA (Gettysburg PA)
  32. Company C of the Federal Army Mid-Atlantic
  33. 6th Wisconsin Needs Volunteers!!
  34. N. Illinois & S. Wisconsin Troopers Needed
  35. 4th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery
  36. Do you own a horse here in Southern California?
  37. Federals For Hope's Campaign 2009
  38. The Little Egypt Mess
  39. Union Cavalry Southern California
  40. Artillery Recruiting in NW Fla. and S Alabama
  41. Attention all California reenactors! We now have horse's for you to use!
  42. Come on out and visit! (cincinnati-dayton-indy)
  43. Western New York Dismounted Cavalry Recruiting Here
  44. Company E. CVG
  45. Trans-Mississippi Medical Corps (OK, TX ++)
  46. Vicksburg NMP Artillery Crew
  47. 7th New Jersey Field Music
  48. The 63rd Tennessee Infantry wants you
  49. Co. H, 3rd Arkansas "new england based"
  50. Join 1st Confederate Battalion, NY NJ PA
  51. The Fighting 69th for 150th Manassas
  52. The 8th-16th Tennessee Infantry
  53. 12th New Jersey Co. K
  54. North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota
  55. 29th Alabama Infantry Co. K
  56. Reenact in Kentucky.
  57. 7th Louisiana Inf. (WV,MD,PA,VA )
  58. 3rd Regiment, USV
  59. Company K, First Pennsylvania Reserves
  60. 1st MD Looking for New Recruits
  61. 2nd Delaware Volunteers Looking for a few good men
  62. SCAR - new website
  63. 8th FLORIDA CO. H - North/Central FLORIDA
  64. 12th NJVI, Co. K Woodstown/Greenwich NJ
  65. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  66. 77th PA Vol Inf looking for Federals in OK
  67. Battery B, 1st Michigan Light Artillery
  68. 30th North Carolina Troops is Now Recruiting
  69. Company A, 7th Ohio Volunteers Cavalry (Southern California)
  70. Fort Sill, OK National Historic Landmark Living Historians
  71. New Mexico Reenacting
  72. Twin Rivers Federal Adjunct Company
  73. Mounted/Dismounted Cavalry Northern Illinois
  74. 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co, E (Ohio)
  75. 14th Brooklyn at Return To Manassas
  76. 8th Georgia Co. A
  77. 6th North Carolina Co. K
  78. 6th Wisconsin Co. B
  79. Western Federal Blues Updated
  80. Women in mourning
  81. 8th Georgia Co. A
  82. 7th Kentucky
  83. Looking for new members
  84. Midway Southern Guard
  85. “Allegheny Rifles” - 27th Virginia
  86. Ringgold Rangers Co. C, 13th Ga.
  87. Federal Cavalry in Southern California
  88. Co. A, "Chesapeake Rifles"
  89. New England: 28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
  90. Tramp Brigade Organization of Historical Interpreters
  91. Yankees in Indiana
  92. Looking for new members
  93. 9th Pennsylvania Reserves, Co. A
  94. 1st Maryland U.S. Looking for Recruits
  95. The Princess Ann Greys/Lee's Sharpshooters
  96. First Regiment Kentucky Vols, CO E, CSA
  97. Company of hardcore Louisiana in Miss. Valley
  98. Cannoneers wanted for Michigan
  99. The Gun Deck Boys (Authentic Naval Unit)
  100. The Gun Deck Boys (Hardcore Unit)
  101. Darby Creek Boys
  102. Fourth Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
  103. midwest Alabama and Mideast Mississippi
  104. 11th PA Reserves Southwestern PA
  105. Artillerymen Wanted
  106. 45th PVI Co. K (central PA)
  107. WANTED: Competent & Capable Reenactors
  108. 10TH Illinois Vol. Inf. Chicago Area
  109. Union Troops in Louisville Area
  110. Society of Civil War Surgeons
  111. Co H, 1st USSS
  112. New Northern IL Southern WI Cav Unit
  113. Battle of Cuba Station-Gainesville,Alabama
  114. 2NCMI/14NC Cavalry - western NC
  115. 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (North East Ohio)
  116. Call to Arms for the 29th Alabama !!
  117. Who's interested in the SCAR campaigner company at Resaca?
  118. We need a unit for Conner Prarie...
  119. Campaigners at Sacramento KY
  120. CVG at Neshaminy
  121. Authentic Campaign Company in East Texas\Houston Area
  122. Florida Artillerists Wanted!
  123. widows for rememberance day
  124. 34th NC at Nasheminy
  125. Rebels in WV and Ohio Valley
  126. 33rd VA. Co. A, (Indiana)
  127. Alaskan Reenactors Wanted
  128. 23rd Battalion Alabama Infantry Sharpshooters
  129. 15th NW Ark Co H and 76th IL Co D Needs You!!!
  130. Indiana Artillerists wanted
  131. Call to Arms: 39th NC, a progressive infantry unit!
  132. U.S. Marines
  133. 151st PVI, Company D, Formed and Ready
  134. 1st Maryland Cavalry, CSA
  135. Looking for musicians for Gettysburg event
  136. Needed Volunteers for Living History
  137. Bugler for Return To Manassas, First Brigade.
  138. Western Theater US Regular Battalion for 150th Circuit
  139. You Stalwart Souls of St Louis and the Midwest
  140. 2nd Delaware Volunteers need you!
  141. 42nd Mississippi Co. I
  142. Ohio River Squadron. Co.B CSMC Expeditionary Force
  143. Looking to form up the 6th Alabama, Co. I
  144. The Flatlander's Mess
  145. gettysburg event 2010
  146. Tramp Brigade Org. South Carolina & Southeast
  147. WANTED: Zouaves for Return To Manassas
  148. Western Federal Blues Recruiting for Perryville 2010
  149. First New Mexico Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company A
  150. anyone looking for a unit to fall in with at Boscobel WI
  151. The Loosahatchie Mess!
  152. The United States Marine Corps Battalion for 150th First Manassas
  153. Western Federal Blues at Twin Rivers
  154. Third New Hampshire Infantry
  155. ~ Des Teufels Mess ~
  156. Co B, 1st Geo Sharpshooters
  157. Diamond's 10th Kentucky
  158. Utah Cavalry
  159. The Loosahatchie Mess
  160. Riflemen Wanted!.. "Irish Battalion" 1st Virginia Regulars (central PA)
  161. 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co,E. Ohio Area.
  162. 63rd P.V.I
  163. Keystone Regiment
  164. 7th Tenn Dismounted Cav. Co.M Ohio area
  165. Homeguard at Twin Rivers
  166. Washington Light Infantry at Fort Moultrie
  167. 47th Kentucky Vol Infantry (Camp Nelson)
  168. 4th Tennessee Cavalry
  169. 8th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, Co. E
  170. Calling All Reenactors in NYS or Portraying NYS Units
  171. 24th Missouri Call to Arms!!
  172. facebook page for 24thMO
  173. 110 PVI Co A & 2nd USSS, Co C - SW to Central PA
  174. 79th New York - 150th Bull Run
  175. CS Adjunct at Wilson's Creek 2011
  176. 6th Wisconsin Vol Infantry Co,E. Ohio and Western Pa.
  177. Recruiting 1st California - Co. A - for Anders Bluff on 21-23 October, 2011
  178. 1st US Sharpshooters - East Coast
  179. New unit in Salt Lake City, Utah
  180. Kentucky reenacting.
  181. 1st Maryland Battalion CSA - (Mid-Atlantic: PA, MD, DE and VA)
  182. Enlist Now for 150th Anniversary Reenactments!
  183. Federal Infantry Unit in MO/AR/TX/OK
  184. 12th New jersey Company K
  185. 1st Maryland U.S. Looking for Recruits
  186. cavalry in the n.w.of Illinois
  187. Recruiting in the Missouri Area
  188. Georgia based multi-faceted artillery unit has openings
  189. Armory Guards 2011 schedule and news
  190. Olustee Campaigner Adjunct
  191. 7th TN dismounted Cav Co.M
  192. Selma - Repeaters / Breechloaders Wanted
  193. Bredan/Zouave unit
  194. Western Federal Blues at Manassas
  195. New England: 28th Massachusetts
  196. North Carolina Unit
  197. 4th Alabama at First Manassas
  198. facebook page for 24th MO US Volunteers
  199. 1st Maryland Volunteers on Facebook
  200. Recruiting Ohio Valley
  201. Looking for a "Progressive" Unit.
  202. 127th NY
  203. 1st Maryland Winter Drill / Recruit Weekend
  204. 10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry
  205. Independent Rifle Campaigner Adjunct Battalion Shiloh 2012
  206. 1st Fire Zouaves at 150th Manassas
  207. Starting New Cav unit
  208. 42nd Mississippi Company F
  209. Federal Unit in SC looking for Recruits
  210. Wheeling WV March 19th
  211. Dismouted unit in middle tn
  212. Looking For Jerseymen!
  213. Central VA CS unit looking for recruits
  214. Mounted and Dismounted Cavalry recruits Needed in the Missouri Border area
  215. 150th Shiloh Federal Progressives
  216. Camp of instruction- 150th manassas
  217. NYC Tri-State: 15th New York Heavy Artillery, Co.C
  218. Any Units Around Charlottesville?
  219. 6th NCST
  220. The Magnolia Rifles-MS, AL, TN
  221. MA, RI & CT: Multi-Unit Recruiting Opportunity Tomorrow: Saturday, May 14
  222. 8th Illinois Cavalry
  223. anyone wanting to go to Manassas from mid-west
  224. US Artillery at 150th 1st Manassas
  225. 33rd VA, Co. E, "Emerald Guard"
  226. Hamby's Battalion 1st Bde. Cleburnes Div.
  227. 10th Virginia CoB is Recruiting New Members
  228. 7th Ohio Cavalry (Southern California)
  229. The Washington Post is looking for single Civil War Reenactors
  230. Reenacting in eastern North Dakota
  231. Shiloh 150th C.S. Campaigner battalion
  232. 26th Missouri Located in Springfield Missouri
  233. 14th Brooklyn N.Y.S.M. Company E
  234. B&O Railroad Museum looking for Living Historians!
  235. 2nd US Company C Regular Infantry
  236. 13th Kansas Infantry Reg. Looking for new members
  237. Looking to talk to some Pennsylvania units
  238. 8th Texas Cavalry (Southern California)
  239. Signal Div 150th WILSON CREEK and beyond
  240. 9th Virginia Co. C 10th Battalion
  241. 9th Virginia Company C 10th Battalion Chesterfield Yellow Jackets
  242. Call To Arms!
  243. Needing a ride to Manassas from Lafayette, LA
  244. Now recruiting for new CS INF unit South Bend, IN area
  245. New Union Unit Forming in Virginia Beach Hampton Roads Area
  246. Co I, 11th penna Vol Inf is recruiting in the Washington State area
  247. Need recrutes in the Central PA area
  248. 23rd VA Vol. Regt.
  249. 3rd Kentucky Union Infantry : Central KY area looking for recruits throughout KY
  250. 6th Kentucky Infantry, Co. C, CSA