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  1. 19th US Regulars--Central Indiana
  2. Chasseurs de Chalmette
  3. 8th-16th Tennessee Infantry
  4. 26th TN Infantry CSA
  5. 20th SCVI looking for Recruits in Central SC
  6. 4th.MASS.CAVALRY CO.E / York,PA. Maryland line
  7. Jine the Cavalry: 3rd Tenn Cavalrly Looking for troopers
  8. 3rd Virginia CSA (Hampton Roads)
  9. 32nd Ala. Inf. co. C
  10. Western New York Dismounted Cavalry Unit
  11. Sharpshooters Wanted
  12. 12th Tennessee/13th U.S. Regulars
  13. Corporate Sponsors & Grant Money for Re-enactors
  14. The Battle of North Valley's Hills in Strasburg, VA
  15. 44th GVI Co. C in NW Jersey NE Pa.
  16. Men of Connecticut to Arms!
  17. The 51st VA Co. B needs members
  18. 12th NJ Co D in Southern New Jersey needs new recruits
  19. Recruiting for rebs now in the Kan./Mo./Neb areas
  20. 38thNCT Looking for recruits
  21. 69th North Carolina Infantry
  22. 6th Kentucky Infantry, Co. C in KY
  23. Buckner's Battery Light Artillery in KY
  24. 42nd Miss Co.I Inf
  25. Co K 6th NCST
  26. What would you like to do?
  27. 12th NJVI Co. K
  28. Western New York Dismounted Cavalry Recruiting Here
  29. 5th NY Cavalry
  30. Chesapeake Volunteer Guard
  31. 42nd Mississippi Co. F
  32. 2nd NJ BRIGADE
  33. 3rd Michigan, Company I; Ottawa county
  34. Keystone Guards of Central PA
  35. 15th N.W. Arkansas Co. G
  36. Recruiting mounted troops in OK, KS, AR & TX
  37. The Susquehanna Mess
  38. Recruits Needed - 1st Maryland Infantry
  39. 1st MD Artillery CSA needs new recruits
  40. Join the KY Orphan Brigade!
  41. 81st Illinois Co. E
  42. 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company E. "Ohio Area"
  43. 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company E. "Ohio Area"
  44. To Arms North Carolina!!!!
  45. 10th Missourah Inf. CSA
  46. Buttermilk Rangers Cavalry (LA, MS, TX)
  47. Attention authentics in Southern Illinois
  48. Michigan Cavalry Brigade
  49. Trans-Miss. company for the Chasseurs de Chalmette
  50. 12th NJ CoD - South Jersey reenacting group seeks new recruits
  51. 25th Indiana Co. A/3rd Kentucky Co. F
  52. East Coast Reenactment Group
  53. Second Connecticut Vol. Heavy Artillery, Woodbury, Ct.
  54. Company K, First Pennsylvania Reserves
  55. Information Needed
  56. 27th TENNESSEE REGIMENT Now Forming
  57. Confederate Cav In NE OHIO WANTED
  58. 1st Maine Cavalry, So. California recruiting
  59. Company B, 4th. Texas Infantry
  60. 46th Pennsylvania Volunteers
  61. Jine the Cavalry 3rd Tenn is in need of troopers
  62. 9th Louisiana Infantry in Northern California
  63. 3rd Virginia CSA (Hampton Roads)
  64. Hurrah for the artillery !
  65. 2nd US Cavalry - Wisconsin
  66. 44th Georgia Company C
  67. 28th Mass. Co. K - "The Mayhew Guards"
  68. 12th GA CO F Central Massachusetts and New England Join Now
  69. Massachusetts and New England Join
  70. 69th PA Vols
  71. Horse Drawn Artillery
  72. Chasseurs de Chalmette, St. Louis/Shreveport areas
  73. New Cavalry Unit Forming
  74. Civilian Dance Group in GA - Needs Young Gents
  75. 69th NC Infantry/1st NC Infantry
  76. Re-enactor Units Wanted!
  77. 7th Missouri Medical is Recruiting
  78. Missouri Irish Brigade is Recruiting
  79. 6th Kentucky Regimental Field Hospital
  80. Buckner's Battery (Kentucky)
  81. 1st Maryland Infantry Needs New Recruits
  82. Susquehanna Valley Rifles
  83. 1st NC CAV: Troopers NEEDED!
  84. 95th PVI - Gosline's Zouaves.
  85. Looking For Some Good Recruits for Gettysburg
  86. Confederate ad hoc battalion forming for High Tide
  87. 42nd Mississippi Infantry, Co. F needs recruits
  88. The 21st Georgia Infantry
  89. NYC Tri-State Recruitment
  90. 9th va. co.B,cavalry,looking for recruits!
  91. The Flatlander's Mess
  92. Beresford Landing Boys
  93. Cavalry recruiting in S. Ontario
  94. Armory Guards - Ga, AL, SC, TN, & NC
  95. 26 June 08 : It's the march of the ad hocs!
  96. 120th NY
  97. G Co 6th US
  98. Please Inquire
  99. 69th North Carolina/1st North Carolina
  100. Citizens Guard - Company A 2nd Wisc. Vols.
  101. looking for atlanta area fed unit
  102. 95th PVI Gosline's Zouaves
  103. Keystone Guards of central Pennsylvania
  104. Keystone Regiment of Central, PA.
  105. Chasseurs de Chalmette
  106. Prodigal Sons Mess: Co. B 36th Illinois
  107. Anyone want to get 'paid'?
  108. 1st Va Vol Infy (Statewide Arizona)
  109. Western North Carolina
  110. 15th N.W. Arkansas Co. G
  111. Georgia Sharpshooters
  112. Militia Unit forming in Western North Carolina
  113. Cmf
  114. Living History Position at Vicksburg NMP
  115. North South Skirmish Association!
  116. 2d Conn Vol. Heavy Artillery, Woodbury, CT.
  117. 1st MD Infantry US is recruiting
  118. 2nd Us Regulars Of Vincents Brigade
  119. Federals for Brittany's Hope.
  120. Calling all Independent Units and soldiers
  121. Fredericksburg After the Battle, November 2008
  122. VMI New Market Cadet Impression "Guidelines" 2008
  123. High Tide: seeking individuals and messes
  124. Co E, 3rd Regiment, Harts Engineers (Southern California)
  125. 66th North Carolina
  126. 9th va. co.B,cavalry,looking for recruits!
  127. 6th PA Cavalry looking for recruits!
  128. 3RD Virginia (Hampton Roads)
  129. 23rd VA Vol. Regt. Cos A-K
  130. Starting fresh in Kentucky
  131. 36th Texas Cavalry out of Dallas/Ft.Worth
  132. Valley Light Horse authentic cav
  133. SR
  134. 22nd North Carolina Co.A & E
  135. NSA 2009 Elkhorn Tavern/Pea Ridge March 6-8
  136. Susquehanna Rifles at Camp Geiger
  137. Company C of the CVG NJ/CT/PA/DE Dual Impression Group
  138. SouthWest Florida's Fife & Drums *FIFERS & DRUMMERS WANTED*
  139. Vermonters Springing To The Call!
  140. 2nd Company Mahones Sharpshooters
  141. 59th Tenn. Co. F/NE Tenn. area seeking recruits
  142. Northern Virginia Civilians group
  143. Still looking for teachers of history!!
  144. 4th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry OH,PA,KY
  145. 2nd North Carolina Mounted Infantry
  146. Horse Drawn Wagon May 2008
  147. University of Colorado Buffalo Mess
  148. Unit forming in Central Kansas
  149. Chasseurs de Chalmette in Northwest Ark.
  150. 12th North Carolina Infantry Co E
  151. 26th NC
  152. Pennsylvania Reserve Corps Recruiting Units
  153. 1st NY Engineers
  154. Join the Montpelier Guard-13th Virginia Infantry Company A
  155. 1st tennessee partisan rangers
  156. Blazer's Scouts
  157. Western New York Dismounted Cavalry Unit
  158. 63rd OVI, Co. H: Columbus/Central & South Central, OH
  159. 22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
  160. Southern Illinois
  161. THE 7TH LOUISIANA INFANTRY- "B" Co. /10th Battalion
  162. 18th Regt. Ala. Vols.
  163. Berdans / So.Cal. 1st USSS 'C'
  164. Chasseurs de Chalmette in NW Ark.
  165. 2nd Us Regulars Of Vincents Brigade Needs You!!!!!
  166. northern Indiana group calling for men!
  167. Fifer need for Chickamauga
  168. General Harker School Dedication
  169. 63rd OVI, Co. H: Columbus/Central & South Central, OH
  170. West Augusta Guard 5th Virginia Infantry Co. L
  171. 4th Regt. Ohio Volunteers Infantry Co, E. Ohio
  172. 18Th Alabama Inf
  173. 12th NJ, Co K.
  174. Federal Cavalry -Preservation March
  175. Sons of Union Veterans - Oregon
  176. 4th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery
  177. 26th Virginia Infantry Company A
  178. 15th Alabama Co B "The Midway Southern Guard"
  179. Rally round, men!!!
  180. Men of Kentucky, to arms for the Union!
  181. 96th Penn Company G
  182. 2NCMI, Co E, western NC
  183. recruitment poster
  184. N E Ohio Confederates
  185. 2d Conn VHA, Woodbury, CT.
  186. North Florida Artillery(Battery A 1st NJ Light Art; Batt A 1st Confederate Lt Art
  187. Be part of the Orphan Brigade.
  188. Company G, 5th Regiment, Helena Montana
  189. Looking for Members
  190. Marines
  191. Co. ~ H 1st Texas ~The Texas Guards~ (Southern New England)
  192. CALIFORNIA - Bay Area, San Francisco
  193. New Membership in 44th Georgia Company C
  194. Maryland - Baltimore Harford county area
  195. 1st Maryland Infantry U.S. Looking for Recruits
  196. 28th New York - Western and Up-state New York
  197. Western Federal Blues
  198. In group in Sussex County NJ
  199. 12th New Jersey, Co. K Meeting
  200. New Company Forming - Petersburg, Va.
  201. Winchester Va. Area / Shooters Wanted!
  202. 20th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry
  203. 33rd Virginia Co. A, (Indianapolis)
  204. 14th NY Heavy Artillery
  205. 8th Texas Cavalry, Co I is Recruiting
  206. 57th North Carolina
  207. Co G 3rd La / Co C 48th OVI
  208. New members wanted in Oregon
  209. Co.K 6th NCST
  210. Elliott's Scouts - Kansas City, MO area
  211. Co. F 59th Tn. (NE TN. & SW VA.)
  212. 3Rd Virginia (Hampton Roads/Tidewater)
  213. New Kentucky Brigade at Camp Nelson, Ky.
  214. 18th Alabama Infantry
  215. 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co, E. Ohio and Western Pennsylvania
  216. 19th Georgia Infantry
  217. 23rd Virginia Volunteer Regiment, Cos. A-K
  218. Western New York Dismounted Cavalry Recruiting Here
  219. 15th Alabama Company B
  220. 17th pa dismounted Cavalry
  221. 1st Potomac Home Brigade?
  222. SCAR - SE Coalition of Authentic Reenactors
  223. Looking for hospital staff in Maryland
  224. 2nd NJ Brigade
  225. Kentuckians
  226. Sutlers Needed
  227. 4th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery
  228. 1st Wisconsin Infantry
  229. Independent Rifles
  230. Southern Grays (Shenandoah Valley/N. VA/Mid-Atlantic)-Unique Living History!
  231. Provost Marshall
  232. Wisconsin/Minnesota roll call
  233. Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin reenactors wanted
  234. The 124th New York State Regiment
  235. The Southern Illinois Guard
  236. Keystone Guards of central Penna.
  237. Hurricane, WV March 27-29
  238. New Petersburg Grays
  239. 1st South Carolina INF & Pee Dee Art
  240. Join the Mess!!!!!!!!!
  241. Join the Mess !!!1
  242. Get out,have some fun.
  243. Mess
  244. 3rd USV for New Market
  245. We now have a online site!!!!
  246. Alabamians to the Front!!
  247. Zouaves in Oregon
  248. Western Pennsylvania's 63rd
  249. Illinois Cavalry
  250. Battle of Brice's Crossroads/Tupelo